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  • New website launch

    Today, after many long days of work, we are ready to proudly present our new website.

    We wanted it to reflect our app and philosophy: clean, simple, interesting and engaging. Please take a look and hopefully you will be as excited about it as we are.

    If you have any remarks or something is unclear - please feel free to contact us.

  • Billing is up and running

    We would like to announce we are starting to bill our customers. This may not be the best news for registered customers but we have come up with some ideas to sweeten everything a bit.

    1st user is free forever

    If you are a freelancer or a solo entrepreneur you can use a world class hosted CRM software for FREE. If you have more users - you won’t be billed for one of them!

    Every next user

    only $9 per month per user

    No contact, deal or task count limits

    We do not limit your business. There are no contact, deal or task count limits. We provide you with disk space and it`s up to you how you use it.

  • 200 businesses milestone reached!

    We are thrilled to share some great news with you - a couple of days ago we have reached 200 registered acounts milestone! Most of these businesses are active and every day more and more users use Centrium CRM!

    We are really happy that we have chosen Google App Engine as our primary infrastructure, so far it works great - performance is outstanding and uptime is close to 100%.

    We hope to have more great news to share with you in the near future.

  • We are ready for action! Centrium CRM out of beta.

    As of today everyone can register and start building a shared, online contact database!

    Centrium CRM is proudly out of beta!

    You can register your account at our website: http://centriumcrm.com.

    Application will be free for a couple of months until we come up with an easy to use and international billing solution. Currently we are considering PayPal’s recurring payments and Moneybookers’ automated payments.

    Don’t be shy take Centrium for a spin!

  • Closed beta starts today

    It is a cold winter day, but we’ve got some hot news for you.

    We’ve invited selected businesses we’ve worked with before to try out beta version of Centrium CRM.

    We look forward to reviews and constructive feedback.

    If you’d like to join our closed beta please drop us a line at support@centriumcrm.com - we will send you an invitation.

    As an early Christmas gift :) here’s the latest screenshot of our app.

  • Announcing Centrium CRM - simple, cloud-based CRM

    Hello world!

    We are very pleased to announce that we are working on our new super simple and easy to use application - Centrium CRM.

    We have decided to move our efforts to develop for the biggest platform out there - the web. Centrium will work on every major and moder browser out there - no matter whether you are a PC, Mac or Linux guy / gal.

    The main problems with CRM applications are:

    • they are really complicated and hard to use,
    • inputting information is slow and really painful,
    • they are super expensive,
    • installation, implementation and user training time consuming and also expensive,
    • after about a year you end up with an application that nobody likes to use and instead of beeing a solution to your problems quickly becomes one of them.

    That’s why we came up with some rules we want to follow in order to create a good, simple and effective CRM for small and medium-sized businesses.

    • 30 day free trial - no strings attached,
    • no long term contracts, pay as you go, for as long as you are happy with it,
    • free e-mail support forever,
    • affordable price,
    • super simple and easy to use,
    • flexibility over configuration.

    Keep your fingers crossed!

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